Basilica St. Johann | Saarbrücken | Germany

Basilica St. Johann | Saarbrücken | Germany | D700


The Basilica of St. Johann is the catholic church of the old part of St. Johann. Until the late 19th century it was the only catholic parish church in today’s Saarbrucken’s metropolitan area. As the origin of all following parish churches in Saarbrucken, it was awarded the honorary title ‘basilica’ by Pope Paul VI in 1975. The baroque church was built from 1754 to 1758 according to the construction plans of the princely building director Friedrich Joachim Stengel, who also designed the “Friedenskirche” (Church of Peace) and the “Ludwigskirche” on the opposite side of the Saar. The bronze portal and the entrance area, are designed by the Saarbrücken artist Ernst Alt.

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